Do I need to have a membership to buy Nightfall? 

You just need to have an account set up in order to checkout other then that no.

Have you sold out of MetaZoo? 

Even when we add items as placeholders it says 'SOLD OUT'. We haven't sold out. We usually don't put things on sale till about the week of.

Are you doing Pre-Orders? 

Since Covid allocations have been so heavy its hard to tell what we will really get so not at this time no.

How can I find out when MetaZoo will go on sale? 

Follow our FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, or join our DISCORD!

Do you guys ship outside of the US?

Before Covid yes. At this time No. Due to the increased shipping cost I can't bring myself to charge you all that much for shipping. I am truly sorry.

 Will you be limiting items per customer?

We will be limiting product to 1 item each per person. So that means you can essentially get 1 of everything. We want everyone to be able to get their hands on MetaZoo products.