1995 Marvel Overpower Booster Box

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36 boosterpacks.
Each boosterpack contains 8 collectible cards.

Released middle 1995 by Fleer, composed of 346 cards, being 39 characters, 195 specials (5 for each character), 28 power cards, 42 universe cards and 6 Missions of 7 cards each (42 cards total). Was sold in pre-constructed 62-card decks and in either 9-card or 17-card booster packs. CharactersApocalypseBeastBishopCableCaptain AmericaCarnageColossusCyclopsDeadpoolDoctor DoomDoctor OctopusElektraGambitHobgoblinHulkHuman TorchInvisible WomanIron ManJean GreyJubileeMagnetoMr. FantasticMystiqueOmega RedProfessor XPsylockePunisherRhinoRogueSabretoothSilver SurferSpider-ManSpider-WomanStormThingThorVenomWar Machine and Wolverine. This card set has a smooth finish.

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