Magic the Gathering CCG: Kamigawa - Neon Dynasty Set Booster (30)

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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Set Boosters contain:

  • At least 1 rare or mythic rare card (approximately 27% of Set Boosters contain 2 rares or mythic rares, 3% contain 3, and less than 1% contain 4.)
  • 1 Traditional foil card of any rarity, including Booster Fun cards
  • 1 Common or uncommon with the Ninja or Samurai treatment
  • 1 Land or foil land, including ukiyo-e lands
  • 1 Art card or foil-stamped art card
  • 1 Double-faced common or uncommon
  • 3 Common cards that are connected thematically
  • 2 Uncommon cards that are connected thematically
  • 2 Wildcards of any rarity, including double-faced cards, ukiyo-e lands, and Booster Fun cards
  • 1 Token, ad, or helper card, or a card from The List

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